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Running a business requires an overwhelming amount of energy, time, and money, not to mention the overall maintenance of your building. To minimize your stress and to-do list, consider J & A Handyman to be your most dependable helper for all those repair tasks. Our handyman company is in West Covina, CA, and we provide valuable information about our work below.

Our Services Include:


We offer residential and commercial painting services at competitive rates. To completely rejuvenate and beautify your property and keep the walls in top condition, our team will come to prepare the surfaces for painting. Using various tools, we will carefully remove the existing paint, sand, clean the walls, and rectify any imperfections. After that, we will apply a top-notch primer and a few coats of the chosen paint color.


Does your bathroom or kitchen need new tiles? Our handyman service also incorporates high-quality and precise tile installation. To safeguard the walls from water spills and moisture, we will install the most magnificent and quality product. Our skilled technicians know how to prepare the sub-base and mix the necessary ingredients to prepare the grout. We will make your place look impressive with our work.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling
You may require bathroom remodeling. That's OK. We can handle it! Our dexterous handymen can replace all your inefficient plumbing fixtures, broken tiles and even repaint the walls. We will make your bathroom look and feel more stylish, comfortable, and functional. For any improvements and amendments in your residential or commercial bathroom, talk to our specialists today.

Basic Plumbing & Electrical Work

Basic Plumbing & Electrical Work
Do you need to replace the lighting in your house? Any problems with the toilet, bathtub, or sinks? As long as the job does not require assistance from a licensed plumber or electrician, we can tackle it. We can also install ceiling fans, chandeliers, floor, and wall-mounted lamps, fix cracked sinks, dripping faucets, running toilets, and help you with any other basic plumbing or electrical repair work.

Window Installation & Repair

Window Installation & Repair
Do not hesitate to contact our company when you have to repair or upgrade your windows. So you have noticed that your windows are fogging up and leaking cold air into your home. Whatever problem you may have with them, it is commendable to hire our professional staff to handle it. We possess the necessary skill, expertise, and tools to fix any minor issues and even install brand-new windows. 

A Plethora of Advantages

Take advantage of our exceptional handyman tile work now to save yourself a lot of effort, stress, and time. We are a team of repair and installation technicians fully committed to offering all of our clients high-quality yet affordable services. To keep your home or business in good overall condition and save a lot of money, reach our contractor for any minor repairs and improvements.

Style of Work You Can Trust

Whether you need to consult with a bathroom handyman or wish to schedule any other services, our team is ready to listen to your needs and requirements. Our main goal is to ensure your property’s optimal maintenance and superb condition through a series of quality inspections and fixes. Whenever something in your house breaks down, call our industrious handymen for assistance.

For more information about the excellent home maintenance services presented by J & A Handyman, make sure to reach us today. Our business is in West Covina, CA.

Handyman Service
Handyman Service

Client’s Testimonial

by Pamela P. on J & A Handyman
Very Happy With Your Service

Very happy with your wonderful bathroom improvement job. You, guys, installed all the new fixtures and tiles so precisely. Thank you very much for your affordable handyman services. Great job from beginning to end.

J & A Handyman
Address: West Covina, CA 91790
Phone: (626) 314-5543

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